Born with hands creatively gifted, Karen Michelle Stair, has been in the beauty industry for over 25 years. For seven of those years she owned and managed Divine Appointment Hair & Nail Salon in Orlando, Florida, a diverse community.


Over the years, Karen has styled and serviced a wide clientele, for individuals as well as a variety of events, including  weddings, birthday celebrations, proms, fashion shows and other specials occasions. The recent birth of KMBB adds to Karen`s long-overdue bid to extend her creative resume.


Her gifted eye for beauty uniquely equips her to identify extra vital intimate touches, which can significantly impact a clients special day, adding elements that can be life-changing.  Transforming her clients from ordinary to extraordinary brings her joy!


Karen considers her job a ministry. This heart-felt motive is revealed in her own words - “Its humbling for a client to choose you to style them or to help them out, in any way possible, on their special day!” Its with that in mind that Karen tries always to be mindful of sowing the right seeds, knowing that acts of kindness done with the right motive, unveil beauty and provide opportunity for healing to the whole person - spirit, soul and body.